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Psychotherapy with Adults

Easing Distress and Finding Wellness

For over 25 years I have had the privilege of listening to, helping, and learning as individuals and families engage in psychotherapy. Their unique and compelling life narratives continue to amaze me.

In my practice I provide both short-term and long-term psychotherapy using a bio-psycho-social perspective to help adults meet the challenges of life. Many are managing illness and pain, coping with anxiety, dealing with loss and family transitions, and struggling with relationship problems.  


My work is integrative. I may incorporate hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices, as research evidence shows these tools effectively help people cope and develop skills to manage pain and anxiety. My goal is to help you find relief from emotional distress and to move toward wellness. I want to assist you as you learn new coping skills, gain insight, and integrate positive changes into your life.

Psychotherapy with Adults

Therapy with Children and Adolescents

“Growing up” is about self-regulation and mastering developmental tasks.  It is ongoing and fluid. It is an individual experience, and yet one that impacts family, friends, and community. When your child suffers emotionally, is not adjusting well, is in pain, or has problems making friends, you worry — and to some degree feel his or her distress. I believe therapy that is tailored to meet the emotional and health needs of your child, his or her level of psychosocial development, and the needs of the family will most effectively support mastery and resiliency. Consequently, my work with children and adolescents involves the child, parent(s), and potentially health care providers.

  • Individual Therapy: This takes many forms, such as verbal talk therapy, play therapy, hypnotherapy, expressive arts therapy (e.g., using art or sand trays).

  • Family or Group Therapy: Family therapy may consist of working with siblings, the whole family, and providing parent guidance. Group therapy begins with a face-to-face or telephone interview. Parents are asked to complete a behavior checklist and developmental history form. Sometimes parents will be asked to have teachers complete a child behavior assessment form as well.

  • Consultation to physicians, teachers, others: By working closely with parents, educators, and physicians, I provide flexible and individualized mental health treatment.  School observations and assessment may be a component of this work.

Please contact me for a fuller discussion of these pediatric therapy options. I also offer pediatric hypnosis and biofeedback options for children and adolescents.

Strengthening Performance

School, Arts, Music, Business, Athletics

I combine mindfulness-based exercises, coaching in the use of self-hypnosis, and current research findings to support and guide people as they transform their performance. Learning these skills can be helpful if you wish to change your test-taking strategies, improve your performance style, and manage disruptive anxiety. Students, athletes, public speakers, musicians, actors, and others benefit from learning a variety of strategies that minimize anxiety and enhance their performance.

  • These translate into practical tips for improving your performance in work and sports

  • Tips can be applied to develop mindful eating habits

  • Creativity goals can be supported

  • Mindfulness benefits decision-making in the workplace

Therapy with Children and Adolesents
Strengthening Performance: School, Arts, Music, Business, Athletics

Clinical Hypnosis

Pediatric Integrative "Mind Habits"

I integrate medical hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness, and biofeedback into my therapeutic relationship with children and adolescents. These techniques can be very effective in helping children discover how to solve a problem and/or cope with the discomfort of a chronic issue. Many pediatric problems – such as pain and anxiety related to illness and medical procedures; distressing habits such as bed-wetting, nail biting, and eating habits;  gastro-intestinal problems like functional abdominal pain, recurrent headaches, and problems of self-regulation – can be lessened when children learn to use these tools. 

Pediatric hypnosis offers developmentally appropriate strategies for children to learn better self-regulation. These practices are embedded within a therapeutic relationship and do not stand alone. The methods used will vary according to your child’s age, maturity, abilities, presenting problems, history, and so forth. Parents and caregivers may benefit from learning these self-regulation skills, too!


Adult Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can effectively help treat a variety of mental health concerns and the discomfort that accompanies many behavioral health issues. I integrate medical or clinical hypnosis into psychotherapy for optimal well-being in these areas:

  • Anxiety and stress management

  • Depression

  • Pain management & surgery preparation

  • Sports and athletic performance

  • Smoking cessation

  • Behavioral habits and weight control

  • Sleep problems

  • Concentration difficulties, test anxiety, and learning disorders

Clinical Hypnosis

Telehealth Services

In this day and age, it's not always easy for busy families to add additional appointments into their already busy schedules. I am able to provide some services via telehealth to help alleviate the stress of scheduling and traveling to appointments. Contact me today to learn more about the telehealth options I provide, and we can discuss whether this option is right for you and your family.


Let's Work Together

I am committed to helping you and your family reach your optimal level of emotional and interpersonal well-being. Contact me today to begin your journey towards resiliency and wellness.

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